Conventional Beam Detector with Automatic Alignment

A new intelligent version of this beam detector is now available.

The high performance Auto-Aligning Beam Detector comprises ground level controller, detector head with auto-aligning feature, integral laser for rapid initial alignment and single prism. Up to 2 detector heads can be added to the controller.

  • Auto compensates for building movement and contamination
  • Designed to IP52
  • Integral laser and auto-align enable quicker installation
  • Low level system controller with LCD display and user friendly interface
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Product Variants
Product NamePart Number
Auto-Aligning Beam Detector 8-50m29650-069
Additional Detector Head 8-50m29650-070
Extension Kit 100m29600-526
Universal Bracket (for use with detector head and prism mounting plates)29600-527
Surfacing Mounting Plate for prisms29600-528
Prism Mounting Plate (4 prisms -100m)29600-529
Prism Mounting Plate (1 prism 8-50m)29600-530
DocumentPP NumberIssue
Auto-Alignment Beam Detector with Mini Switch Monitor PP24142
Instructions for replacing a 4-Head System Controller with a 2-Head System Controller1
Data Sheets
Auto-Aligning Beam Detector with Laser Alignment PP24114
Approval Body1 Part Number
EMC Directive and RoHS Directive 29650-069
EMC Directive and RoHS Directive 29650-070