Marine DIN-Rail Output Unit

The Marine DIN-Rail Output Unit provides a voltage-free single-pole, change-over relay output.

  • Capable of switching up to 30V at 1A
  • Fits onto a standard 35mm DIN-Rail
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Product Variants
Product NamePart Number
Marine DIN-Rail Output Unit55000-771MAR
DocumentPP NumberIssue
Specialist Environments - Marine, Offshore & Industrial PP24791
Marine DIN-Rail Output Unit 39214-5403
Approval Body1 Part Number
All-Russian Research Institute for Fire Protection 55000-771MAR
American Bureau of Shipping 55000-771MAR
Engineering Safety Consultants Ltd - Functional Safety/SIL 55000-771MAR
Marine Equipment Directive 96/98/EC - EC Type Examination Certificates 55000-771MAR
Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90/EU 55000-771MAR
EMC Directive and RoHS Directive 55000-771