XPander Manual Call Point

The XPander Manual Call Point is compliant with EN 54-11. It is wireless and is powered by two independent packs of three AA alkaline batteries with a typical five year life.

  • Wireless
  • XPERT addressing
  • Resettable element
  • Fast response reports an alarm in under one second
  • LED to indicate operation
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Product Variants
Product NamePart Number
XPander Manual Call PointXPA-MC-14006-APO
DocumentPP NumberIssue
XPander Sales LeafletPP23207
XPander Engineering Product GuidePP22892
XPander Commissioning GuidePP228611
XPander Radio Site Survey SheetPP23227
XPander Manual Call Point Installation Guide39214-92421
Approval Body1 Part Number
CPD - Construction Products Directive 89/106/EEC - EC Certificates of Conformity XPA-MC-14006-APO
Loss Prevention Certification Board XPA-MC-14006-APO
Forsikringsselskapenes Godkjennelsesnevnd XPA-MC-14006-APO