Portland Marina, Weymouth

Portland Marina situated at Weymouth, Dorset, has been designed to be a world-class sailing destination. It offers berthing for vessels up to 44 metres in length and a full boatyard service. There are also extensive
shoreside facilities such as a washroom, a laundry and showers, as well as a internet café, bar and restaurant.


A fire detection system was required to provide constant protection to the marina facilities building, restaurant building, 13 business units and four boat workshops. The installer H W Smith & Son (Contracting) Ltd. proposed a solution based on Apollo’s conventional technology.

The Solution

The distributed fire detection system comprises 19 Channel Fire control panels in total. There are 40 manual call points installed around the complex, and a combination of Apollo Series 65 optical smoke detectors and fixed and rate-of-rise heat detectors has been used to meet the local environmental conditions. In addition, to internal audio visual devices, the fire system includes 18 IP65-rated sounder beacons, which are installed externally to communicate an alarm anywhere in the boatyard.

The Verdict

Russ Levett, Manager of Portland Marina, says:

"Portland Marina opened in April 2009 and, other than routine maintenance, we haven’t required any technical or customer service support since then. The system is very easy to use and we are very happy with its performance. "

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