Apollo makes a splash at new indoor water park, Bahrain

The combination of lots of water and a constant temperature of 30ºC might be the perfect recipe for rest and relaxation, but even in these ideal surroundings Apollo is hard at work. Its fire detectors are busy protecting visitors and staff at the the Wahooo! Water park in Bahrain – the Middle East’s first ever indoor-outdoor water park

The contract to supply and install the fire detection system was awarded to Khayber Trading, who have represented Apollo Fire Detectors in the kingdom for many years. In addition to the fire detection system, Khayber also supplied a drowning alarm system to alert staff to any potential safety incidents.

Wahooo! in detail

Covering an area of 15,000 square metres, Wahooo! includes a whole new world of thrilling rides called Master Blaster, Sidewinder and Matt Racer and attractions such as a Multi Level Rain Fortress, wave pool, toddler pool and the Lazy River. It also contains Flowrider, the world’s first full-size surfing machine within an indoor water park.

In addition, Wahooo! offers first class amenities such as a restaurant, large party rooms and Wave Pro - the retail outlet selling swimming apparel and souvenir merchandise. With 70% of the pool deck area planned indoors and 30% outdoors, the water park is well-equipped to welcome guests all year round with its temperature controlled pools. In the centre of the complex is a pristine white, moored schooner offering panoramic views of the water park.

Fire and safety

The fire detection requirements were therefore quite varied. In addition to a variety of local environments, ranging from commercial kitchens to large open areas, the fire system had to take into account the range of people in the water park at any one time. As Wahooo! is aimed at the entire family, visitors could include the very young and the elderly.

Khayber Trading recommended a fire system based on Apollo’s XP95 analogue addressable range. Arranged over four loops and controlled using an Advanced Electronics control panel, the fire system includes three hundred multisensors and heat detectors. Almost one hundred ancillary devices, including manual callpoints and open area sounder beacons, are also installed throughout the complex.

An alert is raised if any two or more detectors go into alarm, or a manual callpoint is operated. This pre-alarm will also activate the sounder beacons on the relevant floor.

The drowning alarm system comprises 14 separate posts equipped with an addressable manual push button, sounder and amber beacon. It is controlled by three networked control panels. Operation of a local push button activates the local sounder and beacon and the location is shown on the three control panels so that lifeguards can proceed to the correct part of the site immediately.