Apollo protects new independent deepwater petroleum terminal in Malaysia

A major new deepwater petroleum terminal in Malaysia, which also marks Southeast Asia’s first independent land based storage facility, is protected with the latest in fire detection technology, thanks to Apollo Fire Detectors and Sentrix Technology.

The terminal is an important economic development for Pengerang, creating thousands of new jobs in additional to attracting other investors to the area. It will have the capacity to store, blend and distribute five million cubic meters (cbm), or approximately 36.5 million barrels, of crude oil and refined petroleum products.

The Problem

By its very nature, the new terminal presented a challenge with its high fire risk, covering a very large area of marine environment.

The Solution

The Apollo fire detection system was specified and installed by fire detection specialists, Sentrix Technology.

The main devices used in the system are from Apollo’s Discovery® range, comprising of 61 smoke detectors, 24 heat detectors, 33 Manual Call Points and nearly 200 Mini Switch Monitors to interface with other equipment.

Due to the potentially volatile environment at the terminal, a number of additional detectors were installed.  This included the specification of 20 stainless-steel-cased Apollo explosion IR3 Flame Detectors and Open Path Gas Detectors to protect the large open pit sump and jetty areas, in additional to linear heat detectors for all internal floating roof tanks. Heavy duty weather proof and explosion proof sounders and Xenon beacons were also installed at the bund wall of 61 storage tanks.

As a result of the hazards posed by the nature of the terminal, the fire detection system also had to comply with a number of industry regulations, including those of the Jabatan Penyelamat & Bomba Malaysia local authority, American National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Codes, Malaysian Standard (MS) and the Uniform Building By-Laws (UBBL) 1984.

The Installation

Speaking about the installation, Chong Yin Keong, General Manager at Sentrix Technology, said:

This was a complex project with very many factors which needed consideration when designing the system.  Not only is the site very large and varied in terms of differing marine jetty and land-based storage areas, but the potential risks posed by the large amount of crude oil and refined petroleum products stored on site meant that the design needed to be robust enough to cope with this demanding environment.

The Final Verdict

When specifying the system we were confident that Apollo was the right choice for this application, and our confidence has been rewarded following this successful phase of installation”, concludes Chong Yin Keong.

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