Palàcio do Planalto, Brazil

The prestigious Palàcio do Planalto Brasilia, is the official workplace of the President of Brazil. Along with other original buildings in Brasilia’s centre, it forms part of a UNESCO world heritage site.


Ezalpha MV won the contract to install the fire system for this iconic site and chose Apollo products as they met the client’s specification. In addition, the work of Government could not be stopped while the fire system was installed.

The Solution

Ezalpha MV recommended a fire system based on Apollo analogue addressable technology, with key features including flexible system configuration, continuous confirmation of system integrity, a pre-alarm and verification of alarm levels to reduce false alarm incidents. It was essential to provide continuous and comprehensive fire protection, while ensuring that affairs of state would not be interrupted by false alarms.

More than 2,000 Apollo fire detection devices including 1,000 XP95 optical and heat detectors, plus sounder bases and manual call points were installed at the Palàcio do Planalto. The fire detectors were configured around eight networked control panels from Global, and aspirating detectors were also installed in some areas, along with an FM200 extinguishing system.

The Verdict

Marcelo B de Vasconcellos, Director of Ezalpha MV, says:

"Apollo analogue addressable fire detectors were perfect for this prestigious application.The products were simple to install and now provide the reassurance and reliability required to safeguard our President and Senior Cabinet members from the risk of fire now and in the future."

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