Hughes Cristensen, Belfast

Hughes Christensen Ltd is a company specialising in the manufacture of rock bits for the oil drilling and exploration industry. The site in Belfast, Northern Ireland comprises a two-storey building incorporating a major manufacturing area and an office block.


The facility had been equipped with Apollo manual call points, sounders and interfaces over nine years previously. As a result of new insurance requirements, the automatic fire detection in the offices and nonproduction areas of the plant needed upgrading.

Thanks to Apollo’s policy of using the same open digital protocol for all its intelligent devices, installers Ashdale Engineering had no difficulty in sourcing fire detectors that were compatible with the existing devices.

The Solution

Over 125 XP95 devices, the majority of which are optical smoke detectors, were required to upgrade the system. Ashdale Engineering’s aim was to install the new fire detection equipment with as little disruption as possible to the customer’s operations.

Apollo’s XPERT addressing system enabled Ashdale Engineering’s installation team to install the detector bases during the ‘first fix’ of the system. This not only helped to speed up installation time but also allowed commissioning to be carried out much faster.

The Verdict

John Richardson, Ashdale’s Technical Sales Engineer, comments:

"In this case, forwards and backwards compatibility was a very important aspect of the system. Being able to add to a system that had been installed for nearly ten years meant that the client could retain its existing breakglasses, sounders and interfaces. This saved money, time and disruption for the client. "

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