International School, Armenia

In August 2014, the United World Colleges branch in Dilijan, Armenia, opened its doors for students on the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Digital Security Systems LLC (DSS) were responsible for the design and installation of the fire protection system for the college.


Situated in the Caucasus region, on the border between Europe and Asia, the international college is based in a culturally diverse region with a rich history. Protecting the large, busy campus around the clock required careful planning.

The system had to comply with international standards, as well as Russian and Armenian building regulations, and had to be integrated with the building management system.

The Solution

The Discovery range of detectors from Apollo was installed in the majority of the buildings, for reliable accuracy and features which include drift compensation, five different sensitivity settings, and day/night modes to provide effective protection and, minimise the risk of false alarms.

Technical buildings and maintenance rooms, where chemicals and canisters with compressed gas are stored, are protected by the intrinsically safe XP95 IS range from Apollo. Finally, addressable beam detectors were installed in the gym, swimming pool and basketball courts, protecting a total area of 6,400 square metres.

The Verdict

" The college has a fire detection system with sophisticated false alarm management capabilities and effective early warning in detection of real fires."

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