Mariánské Lázně Theatre, Czech Republic

Theatre Marianske Lazne, a 19th century theatre in the Czech Republic, was the first European building to be equipped with Apollo XPander wireless fire detectors. When an upgrade to the theatre’s fire detection system was required, supplier Euroalarm Ltd recommended a combination of Apollo’s wireless XPander and XP95 detectors.


The Theatre Marianske Lazne is a popular 353-seat venue in the spa town of Marianske Lazne, 150km west of Prague. Essential to this upgrade was a detection system that would protect the heritage areas of the theatre, but also reduce the occurrence of false alarms being caused by the multi-use nature of the building.

To protect the decorative stucco walls in the theatre, which might have been damaged by hard-wired devices, Euroalarm Ltd opted for Apollo’s wireless XPander range for the heritage areas of the theatre, while XP95 devices were installed throughout other areas to combat false alarms being caused by smoke during performances and steam in the café.

The Solution

The theatre’s fire detection system, which is designed to EN54 standards, incorporates approximately 80 XPander and XP95 devices in total, configured around a single loop control panel and programmed to enable a one-out, all-out evacuation.

The Verdict

Vlastimil Krátký, Senior Engineer at Euroalarm, explains:

"We were delighted to specify the latest wireless XPander range for the theatre’s heritage areas, so as to avoid compromising on their appearance. Alongside XPander, the XP95 detectors are ideal for combating false alarms. Thanks to Apollo, we were able to offer the client the most appropriate fire detection solution for their needs. "

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