Rotterdam Metro, Netherlands

Following a successful installation of a fire detection system in one of Rotterdam’s Metro stations by Hi-Safe Systems, the Rotterdam Metro operators, Rotterdam Electric Tramway (RET), awarded them a contract to protect all seven stations on the Benelux Line in Holland, part of the Rotterdam Metro.


The Benelux line is approximately six kilometres long and links the harbour area of Rotterdam to the existing network. The fire system design for the seven stations along the route involved Hi-Safe working closely with the Benelux Line project team, which is headed up by Rotterdam City Council. Detailed design was done in close co-operation with the Rotterdam Fire Brigade and each system conforms to NEN 2535, the Dutch regulations governing fire alarm systems.

The Solution

Each Metro station is equipped with a fire system that includes Apollo XP95 smoke detectors, XP95 manual callpoints and XP95 beam detectors to protect the open areas such as platforms and waiting areas. The fire systems are based around a CEL Discovery control panel, complete with graphics display and includes over 400 Apollo XP95 devices.

In the event of an alarm being confirmed by an XP95 device, the fire system will operate smoke ventilation hatches and release the turnstiles at the entrances of the affected station to allow safe evacuation. A voice evacuation sequence is also broadcast via the public address system.

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