TwentyTwo, London

TwentyTwo, the new 62 storey building in Bishopsgate will provide 1.275 million square feet of office space, over 100,000 square feet of leisure and social space, including restaurants, art galleries, a gym and a spa.


Fire system installer PHF Fire were instructed by the main building contractor Multiplex to design and install the fire protection system for the site.

Apollo invited Multiplex to an open day at its headquarters in Havant and took the opportunity to showcase the next generation of fire protection technology developed in its laboratories on site, as well as the world-class manufacturing facilities.

As with any inner-city development, space is limited during construction, and the developers were planning to house the construction management offices, marketing suites, changing rooms, and communal spaces for the workers in the building, rather than in the grounds or another building.

The Solution

PHF Fire were looking for a reliable temporary fire protection solution for these areas that was flexible enough to be moved easily when the project comes to the final fit-out stage. They specified XPander, a wireless detection system from Apollo.

XPander is the wireless, intelligent fire detection range designed for use in buildings and structures where electrical wiring installations are restricted or difficult; and is especially suited as a temporary installation.

XPander provides a wireless solution where individual detectors, manual call points, alarm devices and interfaces communicate with the Apollo addressable loop using radio signals. Each individual; device is assigned an address which is recognised by the fire control panel in the same way as the address of any hard-wired device.

The Verdict

Eugene Anker, Project Manager for PHF Fire, says:

"We needed a reliable, easy to install detection system to provide temporary fire protection coverage for the site. Because it is wireless, XPander is the perfect solution as it doesn’t interfere with the fabric of the building and can be installed and dismantled quickly if we need to move it. "

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