What will Brexit mean for the fire industry?

22 Jul 2019 / 13:35

Speaking at FIREX to IFSEC Global, Head of System Integration and Technical Support, Paul Pope discussed the effects that Brexit may have on the fire industry and says that companies should be prepared to do “business as usual.

“You cannot be prepared for Brexit if you secretly believe it won’t happen,” he told delegates.

He started by introducing the current EU guidance around construction products regulation (CPR) and how Brexit could affect manufacturers in the UK and abroad. “Everybody has a duty of responsibility in the chain. One non-compliance means the entire chain fails,” Mr Pope told the event. “There are legal implications, and, in some cases, there are prison sentences.”

Discussing the possibility of a No Deal, Mr Pope said “We cannot assume that Brexit negotiations will allow access for UK-based notified bodies to continue in Europe, or other mutually-recognised bodies to provide assessments as required by EU legislation.”

“We must prepare in the absence of any transitional agreements, so products continue to be placed on the EU market. We’ve been telling people to take plan B action, now.”

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