We are dedicated to reducing our energy consumption, improving our waste management and doing everything we can to limit our carbon footprint.

The Green Planet Project

Our design and manufacturing department conceptualised a 'Green Planet Project' in 2020. The objective to reduce our environmental footprint for our core products the driving force behind its creation.

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As an organisation we are passionate about working to reduce our environmental impact. Teams across the business are working to analyse the consequences of our processes and find solutions to minimise their negative impact.

Rachel SurmanQuality Systems Manager

Full Electric Fleet by 2022

Full speed ahead!

Our fleet consists of 35+ vehicles. By the end of 2022, we expect to replace all of them with electric alternatives, reducing our emissions and promoting a healthier transport alternative.

Emissions Down by 13%

Going green

Our Scope1 GHG emissions (which includes emissions from on-site fuel combustion, owned transport, and factory process & fugitive emissions) have reduced our CO2 by 13% from 2019 to 2021.

Maintenance Brochure

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This brochure outlines everything you need to do to maintain, clean and dispose of your Apollo devices. It also provides details on warranty periods and the best practices for dating a detector.

The Little Things

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To make widespread change you don't just have to make large changes, you also have to look at the little things. Here we list all the changes we've made to become a healthier and more conscientious place to work.