Aims & Commitments

Our aims for a safer, cleaner, healthier, and sustainable future.

Our sustainability journey is ever evolving, and we know there is more to do, but we are proud of what we are achieving so far:


  • As part of our commitment to continue to reduce our Scope1 emissions, we will be transitioning to a fully electric vehicle fleet (+35 business-owned vehicles). We have already installed two electric charging points on-site and will keep adding charging points to meet the demand.
  • Our commitment to reducing our Scope3 supply chain emissions starts by partnering with our suppliers to measure, and then pilot projects to manage and reduce our footprint - together. We have partnered with EcoVadis to enhance our supplier impact assessment and management capabilities even further from 2022. 
  • During 2021 we are participating in a Halma-led exercise to estimate total Scope3 emissions from our supply chain, in tandem with our product lifecycle measurement project: our work to measure the water and energy use, as well as CO2 footprint during the manufacturing process and production of our highest-volume product.
  • Our intention is to work with our suppliers in 2022 to gain a better understanding of the water, energy use, and CO2 emissions produced from the components and raw materials supplied to us - in relation to the XP95 product range.

Product manufacturing

  • We are in the final phase to move from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic to polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a completely recyclable alternative, for approx. 80% of our dust covers across our entire product range. All single-use plastic dust covers will be eliminated by 2023.

Product packaging

  • Within our purchasing department's 'packaging category plans' we are currently investigating which single-use plastics we buy from suppliers, and what alternatives we can find for them. 
  • As part of our commitment towards eliminating single-use plastics from our entire supply chain, we want by Q3 2022 to have implemented alternatives to single-use plastics for the majority of our product packaging.
  • We run a return-packaging (reusable totes) program with our two largest moulding suppliers (equivalent to 13% total purchasing spend) - a scheme through which we've eliminated the use of single-use plastics.


  • Above and beyond Health and Safety performance, alongside mental health and employee wellbeing initiatives.
  • Development plans for all employees, both temporary, and permanent staff and are encouraged to embrace opportunities for development.
  • Global implementation of an equal parental leave policy.
  • Solar panels have been fitted on our main building as well as converting to renewable energy.
  • Mental health training for managers has been implemented to provide a skills-set with which to support team members, and themselves, in times of adversity and stress.