Smart new updates to the Apollo Test Set now available!

The two new main features of our latest update are Drift Management and Soft Addressing. Take a look at our video below to learn how you can use these new features.

How to download Test Set Firmware
  1. Enter your details in the below form and transfer the file onto a USB flash drive
  2. Connect the power supply cable to the Test Set and a suitable power supply
  3. Plug the USB flash drive containing the firmware update into the USB socket of the Test Set
  4. When the firmware update screen appears, tap the update to be installed
  5. The Warning splash screen appears. Check that the power supply cable is correctly attached to the Test Set and tap ‘Continue’.
  6. The ‘Installing firmware’ screen appears. DO NOT do anything with the Test Set during the update process.
  7. When the Firmware Update has finished uploading, the ‘Successfully Installed’ splash screen appears. Tap the splash screen. The Test Set powers off.

You can download our Test Set User Manual on the product page.

To download the Test Set Firmware update please complete the form below:

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