Warranty & Returns

We take the utmost care during the design, development and manufacture of our products to ensure that they are of the highest quality.

Faulty products can be returned to us for investigation within the appropriate warranty period. Details of our Warranty terms can be found in Section 8 of our Terms & Conditions.

For more information about returning devices, please contact us.

What happens to the devices once returned?

  • Pre Test - 24 hour log on arrival (for addressable detectors only)
  • External visual inspection
  • Bench Investigation (The device is functionally operated before being dismantled to PCB level with full visual inspection and appropriate drawing reference checks)
  • Fault find if necessary
  • Full functional line testing (Calibrated/Functional tests as performed when manufacturing the device for the first time, this will include up to three individual tests depending on the device type)
  • 72 hour extended soak, during which the device is logged to provided readings for max AV, min AV, spot AV, Type code and test configuration
  • Cleaned and repacked
  • Warranty Report issued detailing Fault and Liability status