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Combined, our Technical Support team have been working with Apollo products for over 40 years!

Together they keep track of the frequently asked questions you get in touch about, and to make things simple, they’ve answered some of them below.

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General FAQ's

How can I tell how old a detector is?

Below are the four formats that you might see in the field. All the serial number formats represent the same date (1st April 2002).

  • 0402-25684 - The first two numbers represent the month and the second two represent the year.
  • 020401 - The first two numbers represent the year, the second two represent the month and the third two represent the day.
  • 020401/6A - This format is the same as above but with the addition of a build standard.
  • 1502123 - This format is only used for sounders. The first two numbers represent the week of the year and second two represent the year.
Can you send me datasheets, certificates and Installation Guides?

Downloadable datasheets, certificates and IG's can be easily accessed on the product pages, under the downloads tab.


Are XP95, Discovery and Soteria Compatible with each other?


Are Series 65 and Orbis compatible?


Is Series65 compatible with AlarmSense?

No, everything on an AlarmSense circuit must be AlarmSense.

Does Series 65 work on all conventional panels?

Series 65 requires a 470 ohms trigger resistor at a nominal voltage of 24 V.

Testing & Maintenance

Why do I have to use a lot of spay when testing my Discovery detector?

Discovery detectors have an integrating period. Because of this, if you spray a Discovery detector it will take 30-40 seconds longer to alarm than XP95.

How do I test Soteria Dimension?
How often do detectors need to be replaced?

In the interests of safety and the avoidance of unwanted alarms, Apollo recommends the routine replacement of detectors after 10 years of service.

How often do detectors need to be tested?

We recommend that detectors be functionally tested at least once a year.

How do I/Can I clean a detector?

Dismantling and scrubbing fire detectors can inadvertently affect their calibration and functionality. Fire detectors are precision instruments designed to detect even the slightest changes in the environment, and any alteration can compromise their effectiveness. For the safety of yourself and others, we highly recommend against disassembling fire detectors. 

If you have any concerns or questions about their maintenance, please reach out to our support team on +44 (0)23 9244 2706 or


Is Series 65 compatible with AlarmSense?

No, everything on an AlarmSense circuit must be AlarmSense.

My AlarmSense Manual Call Point will not trigger the alarm, however when a detectors is put into alarm it works?

Manual Call Points are polarity sensitive, if it isn't working correctly then there is likely crossed polarity on the circuit somewhere before the Manual Call Point.

Addressable Device Wiring

Do in's and out's matter?

No, they do not. However, it makes it easier to fault find in the future.


Why does the Ancillary Sounder Base not activate with the rest of the sounders?

The panel must be told that there is one attached at that address.

Addressing XPERT Cards & DIL Switches

How does binary addressing work?

To save you doing the maths, check out our XPERT Address Card Tool and DIL Switch Address Tool.

What about the extra pip on Soteria if I put it on an XP95 base?

The extra pip will be ignored and the Soteria will be treated as a Discovery device. (Only on Discovery / XP95 protocol)

My remote indicator does not activate when the addressable detector goes into alarm?

The panel must be told that there is one attached at that address.

Specialist Detection

How do I add an XP95 I.S. circuit to my loop?
How do I add an Orbis I.S. circuit onto my system?

You require a Galvanic Barrier 29600-378. If using on an addressable circuit, you will also need a Zone Monitor Unit 55000-812 (DIN) or 55000-845 (STD).

How do I add I.S. Sounders onto my system?

You require a Galvanic Barrier 29600-440 AV, if you are using an addressable circuit you will also require a Sounder Control Unit 55000-182 (DIN) or 55000-852 (STD).


Can you have 126 devices logged onto one interface?

No, you can only have 31 logged devices to an interface.

How many combined detector and sounder bases can I put on an interface?

Up to 31.

How many loop addresses does that take?

Two addresses for each combined device. This is the physical address plus one.

BS 5839 Parts 1 & 6

What is the ideal distance between beam detectors?

15 Metres

How do I download Apollo's pocket guide or register for CPD's?