Hornett Bros Offices


The site was having issues with a wireless door retainer device so opted for Apollo’s Addressable Door Retainer (ADR), for a quick fix.

Hornett Bros & Co Ltd, have more than 75 years of experience independently supplying the lubricant industry with Sulfurized Extreme Pressure (EP) additives under the trade name EPoil. The manufacturing facility, with its on-site QC laboratory is based in the UK, East of London alongside the river Thames.

The Challenge

M&G Fire Protection were tasked with replacing wireless devices as they were faulty and unreliable for door retention, the project needed:

  • A robust, reliable solution.
  • Quick installation with minimal wiring.

The Solution

M&G Fire Protection utilised Apollo’s latest ADR technology to solve this problem. Because the ADR is addressable and wired into the same loop as the fire detection system, it provided reliable door retention that a wireless alternative couldn’t offer.

A conventional door retainer installation requires an I/O unit, Mains Isolator and PSU, as well as the subsequent cabling to connect the additional components. The Apollo ADR is loop powered and didn’t need any additional devices to function. This reduced installation time and cost significantly.

Three devices were replaced, two on a double door and one on a single door.

The units were very quick and easy to install and saved us half a day's work compared to the traditional door holders as we didn’t have to install extra power supplies or interfaces. The installation is much neater as there are far less cables and we didn’t have to wait for an electrician to install the 230v spurs either.

Steven Middleton Director at M&G Fire Protection

For more information visit the ADR landing page.