The Apollo Loop Calculator has been developed to ensure the loop design is free from errors so you can model a fire system with confidence and avoid onsite fault finding from an overloaded loop. We advise that the Loop Calculator is used to check each new design prior to installing devices.

The Loop Calculator enables engineers to calculate the total loop loading in a fire detection system by inputting relevant variables such as control panel, loop devices, cable sizes and cable lengths. For our range of compatible panels please refer to our Panel Partner area.

   ⎯ Select which Apollo products will be used, including new releases
   ⎯ Set volume levels and flash rates of Audio-Visual devices
   ⎯ Narrow down number of loops required
   ⎯ Select the right sized panel, cabling and number of loop drivers for your install

Save time, money and effort from unforeseen install problems, by spending some time up-front. Install with peace-of-mind and confidence.

Important Installation Instructions – Back up any previous Loop Calculator user data before proceeding. Please uninstall any Loop Calculator version prior to V2.26 before installing this version. If you have any questions regarding compatibility please contact Technical Support. Please read the Disclaimer before downloading this software. The loop calculator cannot be downloaded to a mobile or a tablet device and is only compatible with Windows computers.

The Apollo Loop Calculator revolutionised my design process. The upgraded interface accelerates navigation and device selection, integrating the latest Apollo protocol products and panels. Real-time Fault and Warning updates provide invaluable insights, and the convenient PDF report feature is a game-changer for project documentation.

Martin Andrews Fire Systems Design Manager at Pacific Fire & Security