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The Addressable Door Retainer (ADR) is a game-changer for fire safety professionals and building owners alike, engineered to save time and money onsite through effortless and faster installation.

The ADR is a brand new product of its type to the UK market. Although there are many wired magnetic door holders, in the UK market there is not a loop powered, addressable door holder.

The ADR is easy to install and doesn't need additional devices like an I/O Unit, Power Supply and Mains Isolator that would normally be needed for a conventional door retainer solution.

Jason GreenJunior Product Manager

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Product Page

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ADR - Enhancing Fire Safety

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A new contender has emerged to reshape emergency protocols: the Addressable Door Retainer (ADR).

ADR in action!

Case Study

The site was having issues with a wireless door retainer device so opted for Apollo’s Addressable Door Retainer (ADR), for a quick fix.

Save Time, Save Money, Save Lives

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An overview of how the ADR stands out from the market as the go-to door retainer solution.