Enhancing Fire Safety: The Addressable Door Retainer (ADR)

In the realm of fire safety, a new contender has emerged to reshape the way we approach emergency protocols: the Addressable Door Retainer (ADR).

The ADR is a brand new product of its type to the market. Although there are many wired magnetic door holders, in the UK market there is not a loop powered, addressable door holder.

This innovative product combines smart design with practicality and safety, offering a range of benefits that cater to the needs of modern buildings.

With its versatile programming, cost-effective setup, and commitment to safety standards, the ADR is poised to make a lasting impact in the field of fire safety.

Efficient Emergency Protocols: Addressable Functionality
One of the key features of the ADR is its addressable functionality, which allows for streamlined programming in complex buildings. This capability becomes crucial during evacuations and fire alarms, as the ADR can be programmed to close fire doors in specific areas while facilitating smooth evacuations in others.

The level of control the ADR offers enhances overall safety by containing potential hazards and ensuring occupants can exit the building safely. An attribute especially valuable in structures where coordinated evacuation is essential.

The ADR is engineered to enhance fire safety and simplify installation and maintenance, it is a game-changer for fire safety professionals and building owners alike.

Jason GreenJunior Product Manager

Cost-Effective Design: Simplified Installation
The ADR is cost-effective and time efficient as an all-in-one product. Being loop-powered eliminates the need for an electrician to handle mains voltage, reducing the cost of trade on-site in installation.
Moreover, this also removes the need for accompanying components such as an I/O unit, mains isolator and conventional retainer, simplifying the installation and allowing it to be conducted entirely by proficient fire alarm engineers.

Comprehensive Safety: Suitable for All Fire Doors
Safety is paramount in fire emergencies, and the ADR doesn't compromise on this front. It is designed for use on all fire doors, including critical actuation doors. The ADR's direct connection to the fire panel and its patented permanent magnet technology qualifies it as a BS 7273-4 Category A fire door holder, aligning with established safety standards. This categorisation offers the highest degree of safety whilst reducing confusion around suitability – ensuring robust safeguarding of building occupants.

The Path Forward in Fire Safety
As we navigate an ever-changing landscape of technology, fire safety remains a priority. The ADR represents an innovative solution that marries functionality with fire safety. Its adaptable programming, economical setup, and adherence to safety standards position it as an invaluable tool for modern buildings striving to enhance emergency protocols.

For more information download the infographic or visit the ADR product page.