Apollo BIM objects

03 Apr 2017 / 10:53

By working closely with NBS National BIM Library, Apollo Fire Detectors have created BIM objects for the XP95, Discovery and SOTERIA® range of products which are now freely available from the NBS website.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) objects are 3D models that have product information embedded that allow Architects, Consultants and Specifiers to use representative digital products within building designs.  

A BIM Object is a combination of many things, including product defining information, product properties, geometry data and functional data.  This allows different functions that are part of the construction process to collaborate, to minimise potential errors and waste.

The UK government introduced a mandate for 2016 that states that all public projects must adopt the BIM framework in an attempt to reduce the wastage within the construction industry.  This will allow buildings to not only be more cost effective, but will pave the way for the industry to have faster delivery, lower emissions and reduce the risk of error during the design/assembly part of the construction process.

For more information visit the National BIM Library.


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