Inspiring the Next Generation of STEM Workers

We are proud to inspire the next generation of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) workers.

As highlighted in our 2023 Gender Pay Gap Report, our commitment to fostering interest in STEM careers extends to our active participation in local educational initiatives. Through our STEM ambassador program, we work with primary and secondary school s to organise engaging STEM activities, with a particular focus on encouraging more diversity, specifically females  to consider careers in these disciplines.

One of the standout events in our STEM outreach efforts took place at Mayfield School in Portsmouth. Radu-Dan Grecu, our Manufacturing Engineer, played a key role in this event, held in collaboration with EBP South. This event attracted over 180 students from years 9 and 10, aiming to broaden their understanding of various STEM vocations and introduce them to the exciting opportunities within the fire safety industry.

During the event, it was particularly rewarding to demonstrate the real-world impact of our work by highlighting that Apollo Fire devices are installed on-site at Mayfield School. This not only showcased our technology but also emphasised how our products contribute to safety every day, making the concept of fire safety tangible and relevant to the students.

Feedback from the EBP South Business Speed Networking Sessions, which aligns with the Gatsby Benchmarks and the CDI Career Development Framework Skills, underscores the success of these initiatives:

  • 97% of student respondents learned about job types or careers they were previously unaware of.
  • 79% of student respondents would now consider a career in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, or Mathematics (STEAM).
  • 97% of student respondents gained a better understanding of workplace structures and the different roles within organizations.
  • 69% of student respondents reported that the event changed their career aspirations.

The Benefits of STEM

Engaging young people in STEM careers offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Inspiring Future Careers: By exposing students to diverse STEM fields, we help them envision potential career paths they may not have previously considered.
  • Real-World Applications: STEM education teaches students how scientific and mathematical concepts apply in everyday life, making their learning experience more meaningful.
  • Eliminating Gender Stereotypes: Although only 15% of engineering graduates and 19% of computer studies graduates are female, initiatives like ours aim to close this gender gap by encouraging more girls to pursue STEM careers.
  • Supporting Teachers: Our programs provide valuable resources and support for teachers to enhance STEM education in schools.
  • Cultivating Trailblazers: We aim to nurture the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers who will lead advancements in various fields.
  • Workforce Preparation: STEM education equips young people with the skills and knowledge necessary for future employment.
  • Promoting Inclusivity: We strive to create a more inclusive environment within the STEM community.

We are committed to inspiring and preparing the next generation of STEM professionals. By highlighting the importance and accessibility of STEM careers, especially for young women, we are not only addressing the gender pay gap but also fostering a diverse and inclusive future workforce.