Exciting News: Introducing Loop Calculator 3!

Find out how Loop Calculator 3 can help you install with confidence and save you time and money. Now with a full suite of Apollo products.

We are thrilled to announce the release of Loop Calculator 3, the must-have tool for accurately calculating and predicting the electrical load of Apollo Addressable system designs. Available for download now, our software enhances the installation process by enabling you to avoid wasted time, resources, and costly re-work. With Loop Calculator 3, you can confidently plan your projects, reduce the risk of delays and unexpected costs, and minimise the need for external support.

We invite your invaluable input on this Open-Beta version, helping to shape the final product to ensure it meets your expectations and delivers an exceptional user experience.

Read on to discover how Loop Calculator 3 solves common installation challenges and why it's the perfect choice for any Apollo Addressable system installation.

Enhancing Installation Success with Loop Calculator 3

When it comes to installing an Apollo Addressable system, accuracy and efficiency are paramount. Without the right tools and calculations, installations can be risky, leading to unexpected delays, additional costs, and even the need for support from Apollo. However, with the introduction of Loop Calculator 3, you can now accurately calculate and predict the electrical load of your system designs before installation, mitigating the potential for wasted time, resources, and re-work. In this blog article, we will explore the problems that Loop Calculator 3 solves, how it addresses these challenges, and why it is the ideal choice for any installation project.


Solving Problems with Loop Calculator 3:

Loop Calculator 3 offers a range of benefits that directly address the common challenges faced during installation:

     1. Reduce the risk of unexpected delays:

By enabling you to calculate and predict the electrical load of an Apollo Addressable system design in advance, Loop Calculator 3 eliminates the need for guesswork. You can confidently plan and allocate resources, ensuring a smoother installation process and avoiding unforeseen delays.

     2. Minimise the risk of unexpected costs:

Without accurate calculations, installation success is often achieved through over-sizing, which incurs additional expenses. Loop Calculator 3 saves you from this unnecessary expenditure by enabling you to determine the optimal load requirements for their system. This cost-saving measure translates to a more budget-friendly installation without compromising on quality.

    3. Decrease the likelihood of requiring support:

Loop calculation is often one of the initial questions asked when seeking support from Apollo. With Loop Calculator 3, you can avoid the need for such assistance altogether. By having access to a reliable tool that accurately calculates loop requirements, you can proceed with your installations confidently.


Why Loop Calculator 3 is the Right Choice:

Loop Calculator 3 stands out as the ideal choice for any Apollo Addressable system installation due to the following reasons:

     1. Time, money, and effort savings:

By investing a little time up-front to utilise Loop Calculator 3, installers can save significant resources that would otherwise be wasted on unforeseen problems. This proactive approach leads to more efficient installations and overall project success.

     2. Installation confidence and peace-of-mind:

Loop Calculator 3 instils a sense of confidence in . By accurately predicting the electrical load and ensuring the appropriate selection of Apollo products, you can proceed with your projects knowing that informed decisions have been made, setting your project up for success.

     3. Full suite of products:

Loop Calculator 3 offers a comprehensive range of features. Installers can easily select the required Apollo products, including newly released options, set volume levels and flash-rates of Audio-Visual devices, determine the number of loops needed, and choose the right-sized panel, cabling, and loop-drivers. This all-in-one solution simplifies the installation process, ensuring a streamlined and efficient experience.

Examples of When to Use Loop Calculator 3:

Loop Calculator 3 is designed to accommodate installations of varying complexities:

High Complexity System: Offices, large residential blocks, and hotels often require multiple loops (typically 3-4 or more) across multiple panels. Loop Calculator 3 helps accurately determine the electrical load for such installations, streamlining the planning process and reducing potential complications.

Low Complexity System: Small retail shops, restaurants, takeaway/chip shops, and residential blocks of flats usually require a single-loop panel. Loop Calculator 3 caters to these simpler installations, allowing installers to precisely calculate the necessary load requirements without over-sizing or wasting resources.

Loop Calculator 3 enhances the installation process for Apollo Addressable systems, offering a reliable and efficient means of calculating and predicting electrical loads. By reducing the risk of delays and unexpected costs, as well as decreasing the need for support, this invaluable tool enables installers to proceed with confidence and peace-of-mind. Whether it's a high complexity or low complexity system, Loop Calculator 3 proves to be an indispensable asset, saving time, money, and effort while ensuring successful installations.

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