Let's Talk Menopause

Championing our female colleagues to be their best at work.

We are proud to announce our NEW menopause two-fold initiative, aiming to stamp out the stigma attached to menopause in the workplace.

We are proud to announce our new menopause two-fold initiative, aiming stamp out the stigma attached to a normal transition in women’s lives, and provide funding to access specialist medical support currently not offered in private healthcare plans.

The impact of menopausal symptoms for many women is significant, with research showing 63% felt their work life was negatively impacted, and nearly 25% felt they had no option but to leave their jobs. Yet menopause is often a taboo subject, especially in the workplace. 

Our aim is to stamp out the stigma by normalising conversations about the menopause and creating an environment where employees are comfortable to share their experiences. We are committed to educating the staff at Apollo on menopause and sharing techniques on how they can better support their team members and colleagues.

Secondly, there are many females who experience distressing symptoms but struggle to get the correct NHS specialist care and medication, and many providers actively prohibit access to private healthcare if the reason for referral is menopause. This is simply not acceptable.

Therefore, we have committed to providing employees with additional healthcare support and have partnered with BUPA to provide access to an experienced menopause trained GP who will help identify symptoms, answer any concerns, and advise on treatments or next steps.  They will fund HRT NHS prescriptions, and are excited to announce our partnership with Clinic51, a private, GP-led women’s health and menopause service, to fund a tailored healthcare package.

We encourage all employees to ‘Just be a good person’ and as a core value, we are championing this, by providing the support needed so that everyone can be their best at work. This is just another step we have taken to create an inclusive workplace environment.

For more information contact: Wendy Osborne, Director of Talent & Culture - hrteam@apollo-fire.com