What is it like to work at Apollo?

We embrace an entrepreneurial spirit in our people, encouraging and rewarding those that show initiative and take ownership.  We are a home for people who want to work for a high-performing business, that provide solutions that help save lives. We are always on the lookout for curious, ambitious people who want to make a difference and help us achieve our purpose. Find out more about what we look for in our people.

Being part of the Halma group of operating companies has fantastic career development opportunities. If you have energy and drive and want to make a difference, you really get to live the values, and embrace the adventure.

Louise Randall Head of Supply Chain

Flexible and Inclusive. Responding to our people’s expectations about balancing the needs of their home life and their working life, we’ve changed the way in which we work.  At Apollo, we are committed to making our work environments more flexible and inclusive for everyone.

We’re guided by some key principles aligned with our cultural genes:

  • Agility We believe that giving our people more flexibility in when, where and how they work improves business performance and allows us to attract and retain more diverse talent. 
  • Structured for growth We also believe in the importance of in-person working to generate new ideas, drive innovation, and create the social capital that reinforces our culture. 
  • Say yes, and…We recognise that a balance of in-person and remote working can capture the benefits of both models and lead to improved wellbeing for our employees. 
  • We invest in talent We expect our leaders to balance the individual, team and company interests, as well as the needs of each job, to develop the optimal working patterns for their teams. 
  • Embrace the adventure We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and that each approach will depend on individual circumstances and will need to evolve and adapt as these circumstances change. 
  • Purpose drives us We encourage all our leaders to think carefully about their team’s business travel, and to balance the need for in-person meetings with our commitment to minimise our environmental impact as a business.

These are some initiatives that support this:

  • Flexitime – our people can flex the start and end of their day, allowing them the opportunity to manage both family and work daily commitments. The scheme also allows the possibility of finishing half day on each Friday.
  • Hybrid working – for most office positions, there is the ability to work 50% from home each week.
  • Work patterns – we consider a variety of work patterns including part-time, job share, or condensed working weeks.

We care about our people and their local community. As with our value, ‘Just be a Good Person’, we are a company with people committed to doing what’s right for our community.

Our Pledge to Sustainability Our commitment to Life Safety extends beyond just the detection of fire and into the responsible way we operate. We are devoted to a sustainable future and have embarked on this journey to build our knowledge and expertise.

We are united with our parent company Halma plc, and our global supplier and customer partnerships to make a positive impact in our industry.” David Bulley, Managing Director

As a market leader in a highly regulated industry, with a loyal customer base, we believe we are in a good position to drive positive change in our industry.