Apollo UK Policy For Quality, Environment and Health & Safety in the Workplace

As a Leadership Team, we have a responsibility to represent the company and its employees. This is not just as custodians for today, but for the future. As part of this responsibility, the areas of Quality, the Environment and Health & Safety are core expectations for our business.

The Apollo Purpose states:

“We make smart devices that keep people safe from fire every second of everyday”

Quality is vital to maintain & further develop Apollo’s position as a global leader of fire system components. We provide life safety equipment, which is a responsibility we take extremely seriously. The products we provide are of the utmost quality and reliability. This enables our customers to deliver life protection systems.

Quality is a responsibility of every employee company wide.

The key deliverables of our Quality policy are:

  • Diligently maintaining all required regulatory approvals and supporting processes
  • Leveraging KPI’s and objectives to drive continuous improvement
  • Promoting a culture of Quality across the organization
  • Adhering to and continually developing the Quality Management System.

This commitment includes developing and maintaining a cross-functional quality culture. This ensures that all our activities and processes are designed and implemented to drive quality in everything we do.

Environmental Management is the responsibility of all employees. We regularly review the impact of our activities, reduce our overall environmental impact, and prevent waste through using best practice techniques. We are committed to monitoring and improving resource efficiency which includes our use of water, energy, and raw materials.

The Health and Safety of our employees, contractors, and visitors is of utmost importance and is reviewed regularly to ensure that we not only escalate issues and resolve concerns raised, but that we also proactively look for solutions to prevent risk in the workplace. All our employees are trained, informed, and are aware of how to complete their tasks safely in the workplace. A safe, well maintained environment is paramount to being an employer of choice.

Our commitment to these policies includes ensuring:

  • All the laws and regulations in force are met, and maintained wherever we conduct business
  • All our employees understand their responsibilities in the development and implementation of our Quality, Environment Management Systems and Health & Safety
  • We work closely with both our customers and suppliers to help us achieve all the above

We commit to make this policy known and understood by all company employees, as well as by any external party associated or directly engaged with the Apollo business.