WEEE Directive

WEEE Producer Number: WEEE/HE0048TZ - WEEE Certificate

Battery Registration Number: BPRN10485


The EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive requires certain electrical and electronic products sold in the EU from 13 August 2005 onwards to be marked with the WEEE crossed out wheelie bin logo.

The presence of the logo on any product indicates that the product should not be placed in the general refuse and that it should be separately collected.

Separately collected WEEE product is to be sent to approved recycling or disposal operators for safe recycling, recovery or reuse.

Any Apollo products which are marked with the logo should be separately collected for appropriate disposal at the end of their operational life.*

*A charge for the safe removal and disposal to an approved site of the Americium 241 source assembly present in all ionisation detectors will continue to be made as this falls outside the scope of the WEEE directive.