Apollo's Alternative to Waking Watch - REACH Wireless

High-rise building owners must prioritise fire protection. The unique vertical nature demands advanced fire detection systems, fire-resistant materials, and clear evacuation plans. Regular maintenance, expert guidance, and adherence to codes are vital to ensure safety for occupants and property.

REACH Wireless is:

Cost-effective - when compared to a Waking Watch, REACH Wireless is clearly the most cost-effective solution 'paying for itself' in over three to six months.

Safer - a comprehensive fire alarm system doesn't need to take breaks, and can't be distracted. It monitors air every second, in every apartment, corridor and communal area. Full coverage - 24/7.

Quick to install - REACH Wireless can be installed in an apartment within 10 minutes*, causing minimal disruption to the occupant and providing peace of mind that they're protected by an integrated fire system.

*based on data gathered from a London Residential Block installation


REACH Wireless emerges as the ideal solution for high-rise buildings' communication needs. Its advanced wireless technology ensures seamless coverage across multiple floors, overcoming the challenges posed by vertical structures. REACH Wireless guarantees reliable connectivity for residents and emergency services alike, enhancing safety and convenience in these complex environments.


Our Solution

REACH Wireless Range

The RW1700-030APO is a wired loop interface that bridges REACH Wireless radio-frequency products to an Apollo wired loop. Communication between the wireless products are translated to Apollo wired protocol for operation via the wired fire panel.

REACH Heat Detector


The RW1000-400APO is a wireless analogue addressable heat detector that can be configured as either rate-of-rise (A1R) or high temperature (BS) classification as specified in the EN 54-5. Multiple EN 54-5 classes (A1R and BS) can be chosen from configuration software or the keyboard/LCD interface during the link phase.

REACH Sounder Base


The RW1300-110APO is a wireless analogue addressable sounder base that can be used as a stand-alone notification device (with a blanking cap) or as a combined solution with a REACH Wireless detector.