What is Waking Watch

A Waking Watch is a fire safety measure employed in high-rise buildings, particularly those with cladding or other fire safety concerns. It involves stationing trained personnel within the building, usually on each floor, who are responsible for continuously monitoring for signs of fire or smoke. However, while it serves as a temporary solution to mitigate immediate fire safety risks, there are several significant negatives associated with the Waking Watch approach.

One of the most prominent drawbacks of Waking Watch is its high cost. Employing round-the-clock personnel to monitor the building is an ongoing expense that can accumulate to substantial sums over time. In many cases, the financial burden falls on residents and building owners, who must collectively bear the cost of maintaining the Waking Watch.

It can take 3-5 years to have flammable cladding removed. The average monthly cost of a Waking Watch is £17,897 per building – over £1 million over five years!

Furthermore, Waking Watch relies on human vigilance, which can be prone to errors or lapses in attention. People monitoring the building may experience fatigue or distractions, which could impact their ability to promptly identify and respond to a fire emergency. Additionally, the presence of Waking Watch personnel in the building might create a false sense of security among residents, potentially leading them to underestimate the urgency of fire safety upgrades.

In contrast to the Waking Watch approach, the installation of a comprehensive fire safety system is considered a safer and more cost-effective long-term solution. REACH Wireless, Apollo’s premium wireless fire solution, is a perfect fit. Providing non-stop protection – it doesn’t take breaks and doesn’t get distracted. It protects people from fire every second of every day.



Of the data provided to MHCLG (The ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government), the cost of employing one individual undertaking Waking Watch duties exceeds the average cost of installing a fire alarm system in three to six months, depending on the hourly rate charged. And some buildings require more than just one Waking Watch individual, increasing the cost further.


Our Solution

REACH Wireless Range

The RW1700-030APO is a wired loop interface that bridges REACH Wireless radio-frequency products to an Apollo wired loop. Communication between the wireless products are translated to Apollo wired protocol for operation via the wired fire panel.

REACH Sounder Base


The RW1300-110APO is a wireless analogue addressable sounder base that can be used as a stand-alone notification device (with a blanking cap) or as a combined solution with a REACH Wireless detector.

REACH Heat Detector


The RW1000-400APO is a wireless analogue addressable heat detector that can be configured as either rate-of-rise (A1R) or high temperature (BS) classification as specified in the EN 54-5. Multiple EN 54-5 classes (A1R and BS) can be chosen from configuration software or the keyboard/LCD interface during the link phase.