Chase Farm Hospital


The redevelopment of Chase Farm Hospital was achieved in an unprecedented time frame for an NHS project of its size and complexity.

The new hospital was co-designed by patients, staff, The Royal College of Art and specialist architects to create an accessible space using the latest technology to provide patients with a wide range of medical services. Chase Farm Hospital has six floors and includes retail outlets, operating theatres, and a plant room on the roof. Acquired by the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust in 2014, the scheme took just four years to complete.

The Challenge

Despite the convenience of the site being unoccupied, the construction Team still faced extensive challenges The complexity of the system that was needed, combined with the stringent timeframe that was standard for medical facilities, meant that a tried and tested system was required. 

  • Tight deadline.
  • Complex system.
  • Programmable phased evacuation.

The Solution

The task of designing, supplying, installing, commissioning, and maintaining the L1 standard fire detection system was awarded to the Fisk Group.

The fire detection system was designed around eight five-loop Morley IAS panels and 38 repeater panels to control over 5,000 Apollo Discovery devices over 72 zones within the hospital. The Apollo system interfaces with over 300 access control doors, 355 smoke dampers, 10 lifts, seven fire curtains, 25 AHU plants and five surgeon’s theatre panels. 

The system is programmed to activate a phased evacuation with smoke dampers and access control included, depending on the different sequence for each activation. In addition, visual alarms were installed within secluded spaces like WCs, changing rooms and the operating theatres.

Working with a highly skilled team of engineers and electricians made the challenges of this massive project easier to overcome. Combining this great teamwork with an excellent, easy-to install fire detection system meant we were delighted with the outcome and are confident that the visitors, staff and patients of Chase Farm Hospital will be fully protected for many years to come.

Mark Fisk Director, Fisk Group


Products used in this Case Study

The Discovery Optical Smoke Detector are high-specification devices using the light scatter principle to quickly detect fire while effectively managing false alarms.

The Discovery Manual Call Point is commonly used to manually control extinguishant release.

Discovery Sounder VAD Base with integral isolated mounting base. Designed for indoor use.