Second Round REACH Wireless Detector Improvements

We're excited to announce our second round of significant improvements to our REACH Wireless platform.

NEW REACH Wireless Second Round Improvements-

We have improved the design of the REACH detectors to prevent spurious body access, such as dust and insects, within the optical chamber. 

The modification includes a refined insect screen, as illustrated in the before-and-after images below: 

Additionally, we have introduced a new Emitter LED, with a more focused beam. This improvement maintains sensitivity to airborne particulates, such as smoke, while also enhancing resilience against spurious bodies such as settled dust and small fibres adhering to the chamber walls. 

The cross-section snapshot of the old and new chambers is provided below:

We are pleased to confirm that this enhancement has undergone extensive testing and has been approved according to EN54 standards. CPR certificates will be amended on the same CPR numbers.

The affected product codes are as follows:

If you have any inquiries or need more details, please contact our Sales Team.

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