Soteria Dimension - A design solution

The perfect solution to high-end smoke and fire detection. Find out how Soteria Dimension is transforming fire safety.

Soteria Dimension is a new addition to the Soteria family of products – the next generation in fire detection. With an innovative flush mounted design and chamberless technology, we continue our 40+ year history designing and manufacturing innovative products that keep people safe from fire every second of every day.

 A common issue when designing a high-end, luxury building is the integration of the fire system. Countless hours are spent meticulously creating an elegant hotel lobby, or a delicate designer shop and in the end the immersion of the space is broken by an intrusive fire detector.

With the Soteria Dimension Optical Detector this is no longer an issue. It has been developed with unique optical sensors that streamline the design and enable flush mounting, making it ideal for interiors requiring a detector to blend seamlessly into its environment. A low-profile, and subtle solution that will keep intact the luxury aesthetic.

Architects and designers have quickly realised its potential, and Stella McCartney designer stores, art galleries and even private homes have already been enhanced by Dimension. Showcased clearly here in an episode of Channel 4’s Grand Designs. The Soteria Dimension blends into the high-end London home without intruding on the space.


There’s no need to compromise on fire safety when designing for luxury- Soteria Dimension meets the EN standards maintaining both the highest level of fire protection and discretion.

What do our customers have to say?

Providing our clients the option of the Soteria Dimension detector as an alternative on their luxury projects has raised the build quality and we have only received positive feedback. The flush innovative design with the latest infra-red detection technology is the path forward on all high-end projects and ADL are proud to be using this product on our current installations.

Cj Kesselman ADL Fire & Security

For more information on Soteria Dimension, visit our product page for videos, application leaflets, webinars and more.