Wallop Defence Systems


A hazardous and potentially explosive environment made this project challenging. The use of specialist detection was needed to ensure the safety of the site.

Wallop Defence Systems is a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of defence pyrotechnics for air, sea, and land applications.

The Challenge

The assembly of essential defensive products at the facility involves the use of flammable and explosive materials, so fire protection was a key priority to ensure personnel safety and the protection of valuable assets.

  • Intrinsically Safe (I.S) fire detection.
  • High ambient noise levels.
  • Potentially explosive environment.

The Solution

The contract to design, supply, install and commission the I.S fire system was won by Canon Fire Protection. Canon Fire Protection was able to use Apollo’s extensive in-house testing facilities to demonstrate 

Apollo’s fire detection products meet all international standards, including the European ATEX Directive requirements for equipment used in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres.

The new fire system was based around Apollo XP95 IS fire detectors and a four-loop Kentec Syncro control panel. Around 100 Apollo IS devices provided comprehensive fire detection in the manufacturing areas. Where flame detection was required, devices were used in conjunction with IS-rated enclosures to meet the requirements for intrinsic safety.

Due to high ambient noise levels, visual indicators were used in the administrative areas, while Vimpex IS sounders were fitted in the transfer corridors between manufacturing processes.

This was an unusual project which, due to the nature of the business, placed very stringent demands on the fire protection system. With Apollo’s help, we were able to go that extra mile and give the customer reassurance that the proposed fire detection solution would work reliably, which was invaluable.

John Barfoot Fire Systems Manager, Canon Fire Protection


Products used in this Case Study

The XP95 I.S. Optical Smoke Detector uses the light scatter principle to quickly and effectively detect a range of slow burning and smouldering fires.

The XP95 Open-Area VID is a local-area visual indicator designed for indoor use. The visual indicator has been developed as a supplement to sounders for use in situations where there is a risk that sounders will not be heard.