Whitman Laboratories

False Alarm

Detect (now Churches) Fire & Security had maintained the existing fire protection system for many years, but it now needed an upgrade, along with replacing out-of-date, non-compliant wiring.

Petersfield in Hampshire is the home of Whitman Laboratories, the Estée Lauder Company’s UK-based manufacturing facility for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The prestigious premises produce some of the company’s leading beauty products and employs a mixture of operational and technical staff.

The Challenge

Detect (now Churches) Fire & Security worked with Apollo to design a more appropriate fire detection system for the extensive facility to produce a fully comprehensive system that is not only compatible with existing components but futureproofs its fire protection for years to come.

  • Futureproof system
  • Versatile devices that work with existing components
  • False alarm prevention

The Solution

In total, 312 Apollo Soteria optical smoke detectors were installed along with 20 heat detectors in areas such as kitchens, cleaners’ cupboards and in some sensitive laboratory areas prone to false alarms.

The existing Advanced control panel was upgraded with the latest software to accommodate the Soteria system and offering enhanced detection, reduced false alarms and improved reliability, combined with user programmable sensitivity modes for ultimate system adaptability.

One of the issues we had to address at the Whitman Laboratories facility was the rising incidence of false alarms. A major evacuation of staff is incredibly problematic in a laboratory setting where processes are time-sensitive and closely controlled. Although very familiar with Apollo products, this was our first project using Soteria and we were very impressed with the ease of installation. We were able to get the job done with minimal disruption to the client and they were very happy with the outcome.

Mike Henning Technical Sales Manager, Detect Detect (now Churches) Fire & Safety

Products Used in this Case Study

The Soteria Optical Smoke Detector uses advanced optical sensing technology, PureLight, to provide advanced false alarm management and increased detector reliability.

The Soteria Heat Detector features two heat sensors located laterally to ensure accurate heat detection in all orientations.

The Soteria Multi-Sensor Detector uses advanced optical sensing technology, PureLight, to detect smoke particles entering the chamber and is fitted with two thermistors for detecting heat. It easily discriminates against false alarm stimuli and is a great environmentally friendly alternative to ionisation detectors.